Asbestos Removal Brisbane


Speedy Demolition’s asbestos team have over 25 years experience in removing asbestos, our attention to detail provides our customers the best service to make sure the progress of your job is carried out professionally, efficiently and correctly.

All asbestos works are notified to workplace health and safety prior 7 days to commencement of work including us taking the time to personally notify your neighbours also. Upon completion of all jobs we have our senior team member conduct the inspection of your property and we provide an asbestos clearance certificate and a waste tracking certificate. All of our staff strictly adhere to all complaint procedures including signing an asbestos control plan document daily.

Speedy Demolition will safely and correctly remove your asbestos making this process as stress free as possible for our clients.

  • Asbestos removalists with 25 years experience
  • Attention to detail and personalised service to customers
  • Strict adherence to WPHS procedures and requirements
  • Advanced level trained, licenced and accredited staff
  • Inspection, clearance & waste tracking certificates upon completion of works

If you’ve found asbestos in a property, you need to hire highly qualified and skilled asbestos removal Brisbane professionals to remove it effectively and dispose of it safely.

Asbestos is extremely hazardous and should only be removed by a contractor with the skills and equipment to do the job properly and who follows all the required health and safety procedures. And removal is only half the task because the law requires safe disposal, and irresponsible disposal of asbestos can lead to hefty fines. We ensure all hazardous material is placed in approved council dumps and waste sites with a copy of a waste tracking certificate supplied upon completion.

Speedy Demolition’s asbestos removal team is highly qualified and very experienced in asbestos removal, and the quality of our service is second to none. With us, safety comes first, and you can rely on us to remove your asbestos.

All our staff members are trained to an advanced level and have all the accreditations and licences necessary to perform your asbestos removal to the highest standards and we work to protect the teams on site.

We’re committed to the safety of the construction crew, the public and our team, so we follow a carefully laid-out removal plan, which we will go through with you in detail before we begin work.

By hiring Speedy Demolition for your asbestos removal in Brisbane, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind provided by our public liability insurance. This insurance, which only reputable and certified asbestos removal companies have will minimise.

To get the job done correctly and safely the first time, call Speedy Demolition for a free consultation today.